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PORTSMOUTH REPTILE AND AMPHIBIAN SOCIETY (PRAS) was founded in 1980 by a group of people with a common interest. Over the years the Club has grown both in size and reputation. It is currently the largest regional group of its kind in the country. The Society provides a platform for education and conservation of a much- maligned group of animals, by allowing access to experts in all fields of herpetology.




As most of our members are aware through our newsletter, we are affiliated to the Federation of British Herpetologists (FBH).


Please take this opportunity to visit their website. The site has valuable information and guidance which you will no doubt find interesting. You can access it by clicking the FBH logo using the following link to the FBH Website.


The FBH also has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account - please check these out and follow for the most up to date information and work by the FBH. 


The Society is not a charity. The Society is a voluntary organisation. PRAS is not a business, therefore, after costs have been extracted, all of the monies received go directly toward education and conservation projects that the Society is promoting, such as the National Centre for Reptile Welfare (NCRW).

The group is run by a committee of non-paid personnel who take onboard the duties of the Society in addition to their normal daily jobs. The Society is largely sustained by the income from annual membership fees and from the educational displays.


PRAS do a lot of work with the National Centre for Reptile Welfare (NCRW). Including helping with their open days, joining their team for education and fund raising events, and providing a network for re-homing animals in need.


Please check out the NCRW website and Facebook page.


Keeping of any animal is a huge responsibility to the owner, and a privilege as well.  It is important to PRAS that all our animals come from sustainable and legitimate sources as not to support the illegal wildlife trade.

PRAS supports good animal husbandry and a huge supporter of domestically produced captive bred animals, and conservation breeding programs as to preserve native wild populations


Have fun and help out!  Ever wanted the chance to handle some amazing animals and help the public interact with them, as well as educate people on events?


Once you are a member of PRAS you can volunteer as little or as much time to help out on our displays at shows and events.

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